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Project and Production Management
Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion
Linear programming and Extensions
Marine Construction and Welding
Mass Transfer II
Measure and Integration
Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Organisation Management
Particle Characterization (PG)
Special Topics in Classical Mechanics
Quantum Electronics

The main objective of ICT text transcription project is to create accurate text transcriptions of all NPTEL video lectures in engineering sciences from Phase I and other metadata for video indexing and searching.

Approximately 70,000 print pages (A4) will be made available for online access from 5,000 hours of NPTEL video lectures. The text files will be certified by the faculty who developed the video courses.

  Aerospace Engineering 06
  Biotechnology 03
  Basic Courses (Sem I & II) 10
  Civil Engineering 22
  Chemical Engineering 12
  Chemistry and Biochemistry 05
  Computer Science &Engineering 20
  Engineering Design 01
  Electrical Engineering 15
  Electronics & Communication Engineering. 16
  Humanities and Social Sciences. 06
  Management 05
  Mathematics 08
  Metallurgy and Material Science 05
  Mechanical Engineering 22
  Ocean Engineering 05
  Physics 05
  Textile Engineering 01
  Total 167

Disclaimer for the text transcription content:

The text of video lectures has been obtained through manual processes and is therefore error-prone. There is no claim to accuracy on the text content provided in this site. We are working with many professors to correct their lecture transcripts so that they can become both verbatim transcripts as well as readable text help for those who have bandwidth limitations and cannot download full video courses. An audio file (mp3 format) is provided as download along with the transcript of each file. The transcribed files given as pdf are also being used to provide subtitles to the video (in English) and can be used in the future for providing local language translations. Please see the subtitles in the NPTEL website.

The text will be used to create metadata and search index and the time coding on the video will be used to provide markers on the video for easy search of the video content. These are activities in progress. The project to provide transcription of all videos published by NPTEL (currently more than 11,500 hours and will likely swell to about 20,000 hours in a year or so) is an on-going project and delays are unavoidable.

We will do our best to speed up but kindly bear with us for delays and mistakes.

Please Don't forget to register your feedback. It is Most Valuable for us.

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                  All Comments (760)

Name: Kavita Soni      Date: 23-Apr-2014

very good job


Name: Mirishkar Sai Ganesh      Date: 23-Apr-2014

Suggestions for gate - 2015 ece please sir!


Name: deepak      Date: 22-Apr-2014

this is a very good and intellactual site


Name: Latun Mahalik      Date: 22-Apr-2014



Name: graham baldwin      Date: 21-Apr-2014

Viewing one of your chemical engineering tutoials . the video kept stopping and starting . Do I need a password/username to login ?


Name: dharmendra kumar prajapati      Date: 20-Apr-2014

it provides very attractive and easy way to understand the method ..thanks


Name: singh ankit brijpal      Date: 20-Apr-2014

this is very usefull programme for guys like us who dont have access to good teachers and are finacially not able to do coaching .it is very usefull for guys who are really interested in technical education.


Name: karthikeyan      Date: 18-Apr-2014

I am preparing for my higher studies in Aerospace Engineering, NPTEL is very useful to me to learn the different concepts, subjects easily and through self learning. NPTEL is such a wonderful e learning website to all students, i thank all the members of this project for their notable work.


Name: Akash      Date: 18-Apr-2014

I can\'t understand phase 1 and phase 2, And how to learn phase 1 related course and then phase 2 related course. Please explain me.


Name: RAJAN KUMAR      Date: 17-Apr-2014

very good initiative by government.which helped me to understand subject conceptualy


Name: ramarkrishna      Date: 17-Apr-2014

there are no words to describe this initiative,this provides an excellent opportunity for those who are unable to access the quality education in engineering.


Name: shaju ramachandra kurup      Date: 17-Apr-2014

This is very use full for the studies, could you please include steel structures in Civil engineering subject. Thanks & Regards, shaju


Name: Jesudas      Date: 16-Apr-2014

Pls provide COA Notes


Name: charu soni      Date: 16-Apr-2014

god gifted knowledge source for me, and power for mind .


Name: bavaraju tulasisanthosh      Date: 16-Apr-2014

sir how can gain dvd of Mechanics of solids


Name: akhil      Date: 15-Apr-2014

Please advise how to get course materials on usb pen drive.


Name: soma shekarappa t s      Date: 15-Apr-2014

amiete-et video lec


Name: Ajeet kumar      Date: 14-Apr-2014



Name: RAJEEV GOEL      Date: 14-Apr-2014

Very good source of knowledge.


Name: ravindra bajpai      Date: 14-Apr-2014

help me to buy cd or dvd of vedio lectures of electronics and communication engineering.


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